Monday, September 28, 2009


A lot of love and thanks to those who picked up those K.G.B. samplers in SPX; you were treated to a sneak peak to page 4 (coming out this Wednesday - WITH KOREAN RAP LYRICS)! And more love to those who traded comics with Mel, Robin and me on our comic-collab debut:

I dumped my RR Hood story in there - since it was originally for this comic we planned out...... ages ago...... But I managed to do a one page short (theme courtesy of the loverly Ms. Cloonan =3). If you were not able to get a copy, we'll be back at another con soon. YES! GO COMICS!

I should have blogged about this before going to SPX but haven't had the time. There were so much awesome shit I found there - will talk more about it later~

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